Mel's Hole Found?

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Mel's Hole is not sitting out in an isolated region of the Manastash Ridge. It is being guarded by a closely knit group of locals. Also, the actual hole location is toward the bottom of the Terraserver white box alluded to on the 2002 show, down in the Wenas Valley. The fiber optic cable, however, was not used for the hole. They are actually running fiber optic cable all along Umptanum Road from Ellensburg to the Wenas Valley, probably for all the houses that have been built in the area since this story took place.

At least 4 houses in the area have a direct view of the hole location which is separated from cow pastures by heavy duty electrical fence. The fence appears to be protecting nothing but the hole itself. In one of the pictures I took of the hole, a bird was flying directly overhead. This made me think back to what Mel said of birds not sitting on the retaining wall or metal grate.

I for one am done messing with the hole, as 2 of the tires on my rental Jeep Grand Cherokee mysteriously went flat near the area of the hole. Also, there were some hideously malformed carcasses of dead trees in the area. Chasing this woo-woo costed me money, but I still feel it was worth it and would pursue it further if I could afford it.

Aaron S.

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