Mercedes demonstrates a self-driving bus in Amsterdam

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CityPilot advances the technology used for Highway Pilot, which was shown on a Mercedes work truck two years ago. The city version is designed to navigate busy areas with lots of people, and it can recognize traffic lights – and communicate with them – and people, obstacles, and other potential things a bus would encounter during urban driving. The bus also can navigate tunnels, brake on its own, and can automatically open and close its doors. It has a top speed of 43.5 miles per hour. It apparently has a dozen cameras, four close range radar sensors covering 30 feet around the front of the bus to detect pedestrians, stereo cameras to detect pedestrians 200 feet ahead, and yet another system, a long range radar system to detect vehicles 650 feet ahead. Wait, there’s more: It talks to traffic lights. “By adjusting speed accordingly, the bus can take advantage of phased traffic lights, which is convenient for the passengers on one hand, and lowering fuel consumption on the other.” Read More: TreeHugger

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