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Mon June 25 - Michael J Daugherty - Government's Plot to Access Medical Records

Michael Daugherty will discuss his ongoing fight to expose the corruption of the US government's surveillance and overreach into cybersecurity, medicine, and small business. BIO: Mike Daugherty is the CEO of LabMD, a cancer testing laboratory. He has spent most of the last decade defending his company against charges that it had deficient cybersecurity practices. The early years of his entering and fighting Washington, DC, are recorded in his book, “The Devil Inside the Beltway”. In so doing, he has become the only litigant to challenge the basic authority that underlies more than 200 enforcement actions relating to cybersecurity and online privacy that the FTC has brought over the past 15 years. Every one of the 200+ litigants before him – including some of the largest companies in the world – have settled with the FTC, creating an unquestioned and untested belief that the FTC has broad authority to regulate in these areas. On June 6, 2018, he prevailed. In so doing, he toppled key pillars of the FTC’s cybersecurity and online privacy edifice, successfully exposing and challenging The Administrative State. michaeljdaugherty.com

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