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Tue Jul 2 (Hour 1) - Dr. Michael Jaye - The World Underwater: Proof of the Great Flood

In our 1st hour, Dr. Michael Jaye will discuss evidence that will uncover and correct the most profound errors in the history of science. theworldwideflood.com BIO: Michael Jaye, Ph.D., recently retired as an associate professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He previously spent fifteen years teaching mathematics and its applications at West Point, NY. His interest in the worldwide flood began with Google Map images of the Monterey Canyon system. Exhibits from August 2018 appearance: This link fires up NOAA maps (one of the base map providers for Google Earth): maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/bathymetry
This map image once appeared in Google Maps/Earth. Its data has been modified for Google Earth; the original data, however, remains unaltered.
Note the depth of the canal system, -5450 meters, which is more than three miles below present sea level. (Recall what I mentioned about attenuation of UV rays and skin color -> light-skin.)
The flood that submerged Atlantis and nearly killed our species was a planet-changing event.
1. With more than 3 km of water graphically removed, a model of land and sea distributions in pre-flood Earth shows previously exposed but now-submerged landscapes (tan), presently exposed landscapes (beige), and former oceans and seas (blue).
2. Identical perspectives of the impact site include: (top) standard Google Earth view with a superimposed diameter measuring 2,500 km; (middle) a bathymetry map depicting raised regions of impacting object-borne deposits with a superimposed circle identifying nucleus remnants; and (bottom) overlay of magnetic anomalies, from Korhonen et al. (2007), that were created by the impact and its deposited minerals. Magnetic anomalies extend approximately 1,500 km to the northeast through the “crescent” gap.

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