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Mon May 21 - Michael Parry - Spirit Art

Midnight in the Desert hears the messages from the other side with Michael Parry. Messages surround us, voices in the night, inner dialogues, how do we know we are connecting with the other side, our own past lives or messages from our future? Evidential Medium Michael Parry weighs in with his unique insights. This unique husband and wife team are amazing as they combine the mediumistic abilities of Michael with the rare abilities of psychic artistry of his wife Marti. In the same caliber as other renowned psychics, Michael is able to make a connection with relatives and friends that have passed over to the other side. Equally astounding is the artistic talents of Marti, who has the uncanny ability to draw friends and loved ones that have passed away without ever having seen them, personally or through pictures, or even a description! When you put two such dynamic personalities together with such distinctive talents, it is no wonder that they are gathering a larger following everyday. www.spiritart.com

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