Mon May 14 - Crystal Gayle Interview [Free Audio]

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Special Appearance: Crystal comes on at the beginning of the first hour to talk a little about Art and the song she wrote for him. Join us for a very special night.

Midnight in the Desert

Midnight in the desert, Shooting stars across the sky, This magical journey will take us on a ride, Filled with the longing, Searching for the truth, Will we make it till tomorrow, will the sun shine on you? Chorus... Midnight in the desert, and we're listenin', ooooo, we're listenin' to you ....... Midnight in the desert,and there's wisdom in the air, I've been looking for the answers, all my life I've felt you there. As the world we live in quickens, are we heeding all the signs? Have we lost our intuition? Are we running out of time? Chorus And we're listenin', oooh, we're listening to you. listenin' listenin' oooo listenin' listenin' to you, ooo repeat and fade

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