Midnight in the Desert

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This will be the name of my new show! Hi everybody, here is a update for you. It is looking like the deal will close and the show will start to air in late July but we still have not signed on the dotted line. The show will be truly International. I will not be using regular media to promo it, instead I will be asking all of you to plaster info about it everywhere, we will demonstrate the power of Social Media, but not yet, it is still too early. I truly will be depending on my Friends. This is truly going to be fun.
I just spoke to Crystal Gayle and was lucky to be the first to tell her that Midnight in the Desert is the name of the new show, she was thrilled and asked if she could say a word on the first show. This really is going to be FUN . Crystal explains this song was written for a late night radio talk show host named Art Bell Art

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