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Midnight in the Desert returning live on Monday

MITD bids a heartfelt farewell to two amazing people that have shouldered the responsibility of creating a legacy. Our family was dealt two devastating blows with the loss of our founder, Art Bell, and then the departure of recent host Heather Wade.

Each of us grieves in different ways, and although we acknowledge the pain and suffering Heather is dealing with, we know that as the adage says, "the show must go on." Very difficult and deeply thought out decisions have been made as we elect to move forward for the sake of our loyal audience. We sincerely wish Heather a speedy recovery from her grief and also want to publicly state a heartfelt, “Thank You" for the years of fun and entertainment. May her continued journey be filled with much happiness and success.

We are committed to carry on the legacy of Art’s study of the paranormal. We are excited about the future and respectful of our past. We will navigate the night with the light that Art lit, Heather carried, and our new host will use blazing a trail seeking answers to the unexplained in this world of high strangeness. We will stay the course and strive to bring you the best in Paranormal Talk Radio.

Please tune in Monday at Midnight Eastern / 9 Pacific for the future of Midnight in the Desert as our new host will be revealed.

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    Glad to keep the spirit of Art Bell going, the original!


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