Midnight in the Desert Update From Art

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What we are doing with Midnight is a pretty big project, it's not like hopping on to a existing Network, Keith and me are building all this from the ground up and we are choosing to include all of you, kind of like Family, in the pains and pleasures of getting it done. We both understand it results in stress even for all of you watching all the wild swings. Not much of this has been easy, we have some big company's doing all they can to place Land Mines in our way as well as complicated legal and technical hurtles to get over... BUT WE WILL.
The countdown clock has begun on artbell.com and when it hits zero we will be on the air or dead. (Never to rule out the latter). We will continue to post Updates both positive and negative as they occur, as well as Photos of the build in progress. This is a roll your own operation and I would not have it any other way at this point. One good thing about it is that if anything goes wrong we only have ourselves to yell at. One thing is that it is very exciting, I am looking forward to the Worldwide aspect of it, I think that is the Ham operator in me. It also took some serious thinking to make it a FREE LIVE streaming show but it just seemed anything else would not feel the same. Of course calls will NOT be screened and you can listen for some new things that I can not talk about at this stage. Please feel free to yell at us when you are motivated to do so. Art Bell

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