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Mom is Pulled by Ankles by Possible Demon

So this story comes from my mother. She is not the type to joke about things like this. This single event happened the night she came back from a church retreat. My mothers reasoning was that satan wants to attack those who are getting closer to Christ. My mom was awoken by a strange force pulling her from her bed from her ankles. Simultaneously, her legs were being lifted into the air. Whatever it was, it wasn't good. For some reason, she called out for her mother (it is only my dad, mom, bro, and i in the house, we were all sleeping though) and still the force is affecting her. Then she called for her father...still nothing. Then she asked God to help and whatever the thing was left and nothing like that happened again. I do believe there are spirits in my home, but none that are evil or physically affect us like this one instance. Read comments at Reddit/r/Paranormal.

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