Morgan Freeman Talks Aliens, Space, Origins Of Life

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Morgan Freeman is no scientist, as the Oscar-winning megastar is quick to point out. But he knows a thing or two about physics, in part because of his role as executive producer and host of the Science Channel's popular "Through The Wormhole" TV series. The show's new season began last month and runs through July 31, with episodes named for the big questions they explore, such as "How Do Aliens Think?" and "Did God Create Evolution?" The latter episode spotlights not only Darwinian evolution but also "intelligent design," a form of creationism that is rejected by mainstream scientists. What about Freeman himself? Does he believe aliens exist? Does he accept Darwinian evolution--or does he favor creationism? Recently, HuffPost Science got the chance to pose these and other big questions of our own to Freeman. Here, edited for clarity, are the questions and his answers: via Huffington Post.

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