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Mr. Beene and Spirit Energy!

This is my Beloved Mr. Beene! I had taken Butter Beene~ My first orange Beene to New Jersey where he was left with family due to my sudden leaving to work in LA. I was dreaming of that Beene for a number of days. I missed my Beene-Man. While in Los Angeles, I had a client consultation with a woman who was divorced. She went on to tell me that she adopted a striped tiger-like kitten and brought the baby back to the shelter since she realized that she didn't have the time to devote to the litte furry one. An hour later, I heard "adopt - call the Agoura Shelter." I made the call and asked a woman if she had any orange kitties. She said "No, but we have this tiger kitten a divorced woman just brought back to us." Well that was a sign! I said, "What is the number for that kitty so that I can see it on-line?" I then wrote down the number. A young man in a tux who is on the other side suddenly shows up in my dining room. He says "Call Trisha!" So I am searching for that kitty and phoning my Seattle client Trisha. She says "What's up?" I told her I was kitty hunting and how I was to call Trisha. I flipped while on the phone! There was a pic of what looked exactly like the Beene! I called Agoura and said "I want him." She said "He isn't here. He's at the Lancaster Shelter and he is supposed to be put down today. You can call them but they are closing in ten minutes! I hope you make it to save him." I phoned the Lancaster Shelter and they were closed but in case of emergencies the recording said---- Hit this number - so I hit that number and was placed on hold listening to the song "Faith" by George Michael! A woman answered on the phone "Trisha in Cats..." I almost fell over! I said "Trisha, I need this orange kitty~ He is mine! Please help me!" She said "Let me check since he is scheduled to go to Heaven tonite." She came back and said "You are so LUCKY! The person who puts the animals down is backed up and didn't get to him yet- You got to him about an hour before he would not be here anymore!" Have I been blessed for my 3 years with Mr. Beene. He passed on in 2008 and has visited me in dreams several times. He is un-forgetable and comes with a special energy that has watched over him and YES me! Be inspired by your fuzzies for they are unconditional friends! June De Young
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