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Are Mulder & Scully Together In Season 11? 'The X-Files' Breakup Infuriated Fans

When The X-Files was dropped into the great revival machine of the '10s, the search for the truth began again in earnest, in a medium that fans hadn't really been expecting. The last we saw of Mulder and Scully outside of comics was in the 2008 feature film The X-Files: I Want To Believe. And they were, though no longer actively investigating the paranormal, living and sleeping together. Yay. Mulder and Scully's relationship on The X-Files evidently took a turn between the second movie and the first "event" series. Season 10 found them estranged and six episodes didn't do much to explain why two people who'd spent the majority of the last 25 years side-by-side had suddenly given up. 'Shippers have to be hoping for a resolution to the pair's undefined troubles when The X-Files comes back on Jan. 3. Speaking to press at New York Comic Con in October, series creator Chris Carter seems to refer to fan backlash over the state of the Special Agents' union in Season 10. "We’ve always written about what we’re interested in, and the audiences have come with us," the showrunner says. "We continue to do that, but we’re always mindful of what people are saying. I think that the thing I heard loudest was from the people who were interested in Mulder and Scully’s relationship. Why were they apart when we last saw them together?" As a fan, you'd hope that if these characters you've invested years of your life in were to suddenly lose not just a romantic partner but a best friend and colleague that the episodes themselves might rationalize it. But Season 10 did anything but spell it out for viewers, and the chemistry that actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have kept fresh since 1993 made the decision even more glaringly bizarre. It's interesting that Carter seems to have been surprised by the response, considering how passionate and vocal the show's fanbase is. But there's hope for this coming season, and it sounds as though he's ready to — finally — give the people what they want.

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