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My Boy Schrodinger's Cat

Dear Art, I listened to your show throughout college. I used to be a regular on the sorcery.net as "JerseyDevil", but work has been in the way at night. My cat, Schrodinger used to stay up all hours of the night listening (with me) to coast to coast AM in New Mexico while I was attending NMSU. My boy recently passed away November 10, 2013 from a blood clot to the brain related to Unclassified Cardiomyopathy. I would be honored if you could share his picture, a "long time listener" of my baby boy, Schrodinger's Cat. There have been so many strange events going on with each person important to him in his life having some time alone with him weeks before he passed. My mother had him for a week, I had days alone with him, and my girlfriend had time alone with him - more than usual. The day after he was cremated I noticed an article related to Quantum mechanics about an afterlife. Some of the article spoke of parts of Erwin Schrodinger's work. I don't know what to make of the timing, but it did come shortly after my boy passed away. Quantum Physics Proves IS Afterlife Claims Scientist He was a good boy, went for walks with his dad, listened (honestly he did on walks). Even visited the beaches where hurricane Sandy hit. I am getting too long in this email, so I will just attach a pic of Schrodinger's Cat. Glenn

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