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My Uncle's Face

My Aunt and Cousin are standing in front of Spirit Lake in Cassadaga, Florida in July 2005.

My Uncle (husband, father to the to women) had passed away on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2005.

I took many pictures of the five of us (all family) visiting Cassadaga that day. When I got back to my laptop, I downloaded all the pictures and viewed them on the viewer which allowed me to enlarge the view. When I looked at this one, I found the face of my Uncle staring back at me.

I was not looking for any kind of image when I enlarged the view. My Uncle wore glasses and still had plenty of hair in his 80s.

My Cousin passed away later that year in October. We always thought he was waiting for her because she was born when her brother and sister were twenties. She was special to him because her birth saved him from alcoholism. My Cousin was psychic and it runs in the family.


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