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Mysterious crater appears in Utah pond

This week folks in Circleville, Utah, were left wondering what might have created a huge round crater inside an irrigation pond owned by Gary Dalton, who jokingly described the phenomenon as “Martian art.” A few weeks ago, Dalton claimed to have spotted a bright-red meteor streaking across the sky, adding a touch more intrigue to this mystery. Experts from the Utah Geological Survey launched an investigation and lead scientist Bill Lund was left scratching his head, at least initially. “Well, yeah, we’ve got several theories,” he said. “ most of them have gone up in smoke.” He credits a geologic phenomenon known as collapsable soils, a condition created by repeated draining and refilling of the pond. That allows for soil ultimately to collapse under the weight of the water, creating what resembles an eruption. “As it collapsed and compacted, it forced some air and some water up, and created this thing,” Lund explained. “It looks like a one-off thing. It happened this one time. That’s it.” The scientist didn’t seem sold on his answer, saying, “There are still some unanswered questions here,” and that he had never seen anything like it. But it was at least a seemingly viable explanation, providing the Daltons with an answer for their many inquiring neighbors. More via GrindTV.com.

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