Mysterious Creature With 'Long Snout, No Hair' Is Stalking Pets In California

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Residents of a southern California neighborhood claimed the mythical ‘chupacabra’ is stalking their pets, reported The Mercury News Saturday. Cary Shuker, a Riverside, California resident, said one morning his cat ran into his home scared of something. He described the animal standing outside his home as a hairless creature with a tail like a rat or a possum, pinkish skin and jagged teeth. He added it was “at least two feet or more longer than the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen.” “The thing was standing out there, looking at me. It was the ugliest looking thing,” said Shuker, a private contractor living at the base of Box Springs Mountain. “I yelled at it, in a big deep voice, ‘Get out of here! I stole its breakfast. It was hunting my cat.’” “This wasn’t no coyote, by any means,” he added. A small wild animal, possibly a fox or a coyote pup, tries to escape the flames near Wrightwood, California, August 17, 2016. Box Springs Mountain residents believe a chupacabra, or goat sucker, a hairless animal with a long snout resembling a coyote, is stalking their animals. However, it is more likely that a coyote or similar animal afflicted with mange is following the pets.

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