Mysterious Daily Booms Have Small Town in California Looking to the Sky

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A mysterious booming noise in a small California town has residents baffled, and has sparked many conspiracy theories. Every weekday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., a thunderous noise rocks through Sonora, California, according to locals. The cause of the mysterious booms remains a mystery, with local residents pointing to everything from mining operations to aliens. Glen White, a local teacher and geologist who has researched the sound extensively, told local ABC affiliate KXTV-TV that he thinks the noise comes from bombs and grenades exploding. White said he believes the explosions come from an Army depot outside of Hawthorne, Nevada, about a hundred miles away from Sonora. There, a private company disposes and dismantles old munitions, White said.
“They go through old munitions bombs, grenades, then they destroy them,” White explained, and has video footage to back up his claim.
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