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Mysterious Georgia Guidestones

A lot of Earthfiles viewers ask me about the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. So in this report, I'm sharing my visit to Elberton, Georgia, in Elbert County near the South Carolina border in March 1990, when I was producing about world environmental problems for the television series, Earthbeat, broadcast on the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) in Atlanta. They are located on the hilltop farm of Mildred and Wayne Mullenix on Georgia State Highway 77, 7.2 miles north of Elberton Georgia and 1.3 miles south of Hart-Elbert County Line and 7.8 miles south of Hartwell, Georgia. The mystery of the Georgia Guidestones began in 1979 when an anonymous benefactor calling himself “R. C. Christian” went to Joe H. Fendley, Sr., President of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company with a design for five granite walls to be placed in an X-pattern in an Elberton cow pasture. He said that he represented an out-of-state group that wanted to remain anonymous.

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