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Mysterious green cat returns after vanishing for three days

Bulgaria's famous emerald green cat has finally reappeared after vanishing from the streets of Varna three days ago. The ludicrously-coloured moggy, who has become an internet sensation, was spotted prowling through the popular seaside resort to the relief of worried locals. The cat was also seen cosying up to a ginger companion - believed to be her son. The feline was not seen for three days, raising fears that she has been abducted as a result of her new found fame. Some residents of the popular tourist destination insisted that rain had washed the animal's colour away and say a similar-looking green cat was seen last year. Although the unusual colour was initially thought to have been caused by an act of cruelty, reports emerged the green shine was from paint at the nearby construction yard where she sleeps. It is hoped that the stand-out nature of the feline won't influence owners to paint their own cats. The RSPCA has warned that dyeing or painting animals for cosmetic reasons could have 'potentially fatal consequences'. Some locals were quoted as saying they believe the stray cat was becoming greener each day, fuelling the idea that someone was painting it. An earlier video, which appeared on YouTube, shows the mysterious moggy playing with the same ginger cat it was recently spotted with. Varna is a popular tourist destination as it is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. via Daily Mail Online.

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