Mysterious Monsters of Utah

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There can be no doubt that the state of Utah, in the United States, has its fair share of natural wonders. Nestled up against the majestic Rocky Mountains and home of the Great Salt Lake, this is a land of sprawling natural vistas and natural splendor. While these vistas are a popular destination for people from all over the world, one feature of this landscape has been the surprising number of reports of strange creatures roaming its domain, which have defied attempts to answer in any reasonable way. One of the more well known strange beasts of Utah is what has come to be called the Bear Lake Monster. Bear Lake itself is located on the Utah-Idaho border just northeast of Salt Lake City, and is a popular destination for people looking to enjoy the lake’s many outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and the taking in the rather breathtaking azure, turquoise coloration of its waters, which have earned it the nickname “The Caribbean of the Rockies.” It is a locale of stunning natural vistas to be sure, but it is also purportedly the home of a large, mysterious water monster. Tales of a monster in Bear Lake go back to at least the early 1800s, and the creature was apparently often seen by early Mormon colonists cavorting about in the water near shore, which has most commonly been reported as being a cream-colored serpentine creature around 30 feet in length, with a wide, alligator-like head, short, squat legs, and a powerful tail. At times the creature was said to come ashore for brief periods to roam about, and it was also occasionally reported as spewing water as if through an air hole. The creature was also known to the Native Shoshone people of the region, who called it the “water devil” and regarded it as a malicious, evil entity to be avoided at all costs. The monster was said to not be shy about dining on unwary animals or even humans that came to close to the shore or went swimming in the lake’s inviting waters, and was mostly reported as quite aggressive indeed. The Shoshone often claimed that the beast’s favorite thing to eat was the various bison of the area at the time.

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