Mysterious readings on US submarine sonar leads UFO researcher to believe Navy has secret USO program

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The Mutual UFO Network’s chief photo expert, Marc D’Antonio, says he was on a US Navy submarine when they tracked a very fast moving object in the ocean. Subsequent responses from Navy personnel lead D’Antonio to believe the Navy has a secret program regarding Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs). USOs are the underwater equivalent to UFOs. Although much less popular, there are famous USO cases Ufologists often reference. One of the most interesting USO stories, for me, is that of my friend D’Antonio’s. I have heard it several times in his company, and I believe we talked about it on one of his many appearances on the Open Minds UFO Radio podcast. D’Antonio, beside being an astronomer and photo expert — among other professional exploits — is also a model maker. He has had several government contracts to build models, many requiring a Top Secret clearance. Among these contracts have been projects with the Navy. D’Antonio says he was once invited to take a ride in a nuclear submarine and at one point things got weird. Although D’Antonio has told the story before, it has not been featured in the mainstream media until recently. D’Antonio and I both gave presentations at the recent Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous in Hulett, Wyoming, and Emma Parry from the UK’s The Sun was there to write about it.

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