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Mysterious unknown alien signal finally traced to kitchen microwave

For years, scientists have been trying to uncover the source of mysterious radio signals being picked up in Australia. Theories have ranged from evaporating black holes to extraterrestrial communication and mergers of neutron stars. Now researchers at the Parkes Observatory claim they have finally found the source of these 'alien' signals - in their kitchen microwave. Scientists knew the strange signals, known as perytons, originated somewhere near to the planet, but they had no idea just how close. In fact, the microwave was next door in the staff kitchen and visitors centre at the observatory. 'Until now, the physical origin of the dispersion-mimicking perytons had remained a mystery,' wrote Emily Petroff and her team at Australia's Parkes Observatory in a paper uploaded to arXiv. 'We have identified strong out-of-band emission at 2.3-2.5 GHz associated with several peryton events.' The researchers were able to replicate the emission of perytons by opening the microwave door while the device was still running. Within a fraction of a second, the microwave activity was picked up by the reader and the source of the perytons revealed. via Daily Mail Online.

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