Nasa needs to go back to the moon BEFORE a Mars mission

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While Nasa says the first manned trip to Mars could take place as early as 2035, the second man to walk on the moon has urged them to wait. Buzz Aldrin told he believes that mankind should head for the red planet in 2040, but not until we explore and build habitats on the moon with the other space agencies of the world first. Aldrin said this mission should be an international collaboration and the input of big businesses, then a human colony could be established on Mars. 'Mars cannot be done by one nation alone,' said Aldrin. 'There is no greater endeavor that humanity will undertake for generations to come than to create a permanent presence on another planet.'
'No other task can unite the great nations of the world together in purely peaceful way.'
'It will be a truly global venture. I believe that all spacefaring nations of today and tomorrow can contribute meaningfully to this venture but I believe the USA and NASA will lead the way with our expertise.' Aldrin and other experts believe Nasa is overlooking an important part of space exploration: a permanent, manned base on the moon that would prepare us for the mission to Mars. 'We have to get a space program underway that directs us towards doing things on the moon before we go directly to Mars,' Aldrin said.
'We need to help other nations explore the moon, while we learn what we can from previous expeditions.'
'It must be a program that enables us to assist other nations, not compete with them.' Read More: Daily Mail Online

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