NASA partners with Microsoft to launch “mixed reality” Mars exhibit

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NASA has collaborated with Microsoft to create a new mixed-reality exhibit known as “Destination: Mars“, allowing the public to explore the red planet with holographic tour guides. The exhibit will open this summer in Florida at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Featuring the second person on the moon, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, and guided by Curiosity Mars Rover driver Erisa Hines, viewers will check out real sites on Mars where scientists have made important discoveries. The experience was created using imagery taken from the Curiosity Rover which landed on Mars in August 2012. “Destination: Mars” makes use of OnSight software, a Mars rover mission operations tool co-developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Microsoft. With OnSight, NASA scientists have a more intuitive way to explore the area around Mars rovers. Users can interact with a 3-D simulation of the Martian environment and use a first-person perspective to plan and conduct science experiments. Read More: TechCrunch

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