NASA releases cool images of dwarf planet Ceres

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New NASA images reveal the bright craters on dwarf planet Ceres in stunning detail. The pictures from NASA’s Dawn mission were taken 240 miles from the planet’s surface offering an incredible view of Ceres’ Haulani Crater. Evidence of landslides is clearly visible, as is a central ridge and smooth material on the crater floor. NASA notes that an enhanced false-color view gives scientists insight into Ceres. "Haulani perfectly displays the properties we would expect from a fresh impact into the surface of Ceres,” said Martin Hoffmann, co-investigator on the Dawn framing camera team, based at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Göttingen, Germany, in a statement. “The crater floor is largely free of impacts, and it contrasts sharply in color from older parts of the surface.” NASA says that the crater's polygonal nature (meaning it resembles a shape made of straight lines) is interesting because most craters seen on other planetary bodies, such as Earth, are nearly circular. “The straight edges of some Cerean craters, including Haulani, result from pre-existing stress patterns and faults beneath the surface,” it explained. Read More: Fox News

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