NASA Wants to Build a Magnetic Force Field and a Deep Sleep Chamber For Astronauts on Mars

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A self-assembling space habitat, a deep sleep chamber to shuttle astronauts on long journeys, and a protective magnetic force field are the latest projects NASA is embarking on.

NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concept (NIAC) Program is responsible for funding futuristic space concepts that could, as NASA puts it, “change the possible.” It’s not enough to merely be a cool concept, though—projects are also screened for technical plausibility. In its latest round of funding, NIAC’s Phase II program has selected eight projects to move ahead. Among the most promising ones are three focusing on how to build livable future habitats in space.

Growth-Adapted Tensegrity Structures

To travel further into space, it would be helpful to have outposts to stop at along the way. These early stage Growth-Adapted Tensegrity Structures would seed chosen outpost points with building robots that could not only create the initial rotating space outposts, but could modify them for future needs as well. The current project will start by looking at the feasibility of setting one up outside of the lunar orbit, but researchers add that, if successful, these structures could someday be almost anywhere. Read More: Gizmodo

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