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NASA Wants You To Build Its Future Spaceships… Out Of Lego

My Lego escapades were almost exclusively space-related. It’s not a skill I’ve practised in two decades, but if I’d know it could get me into the good graces of NASA, well, I might still be clicking and clacking with those little plastic blocks. Last week, NASA, in conjunction with Lego, announced “NASA’s Missions: Imagine and Build”, a competition it’s thrown open to all and sundry, though with a heavy focus on students. The competition has two categories — one (“Imagine our Future Beyond Earth”) to promote fiction and creativity, while the other (“Inventing our Future of Flight”) is a lot more serious. And by serious, I mean you not only have to build a spaceship (or satellite, aeroplane, rover — anything space-y, really), but put together a technical paper on your creation. The ship should also be based on “real concepts and new technology NASA’s aeronautics innovators”. via Gizmodo Australia.

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