NASA's app turns your Apple TV into an ISS observation deck

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According to NASA, the space agency's official app has been downloaded more than 17 million times on iOS, Android and Fire OS. Today, that same window into space exploration got even bigger with the addition of a new version for Apple TV. That means: high-definition versions of NASA TV, on-demand NASA videos, 3D satellite tracking maps, realtime views of the Earth from the International Space Station and a stellar new backdrop for your next cocktail party.
In addition to all the livestreams and launch videos, the NASA app also allows you to queue up a slideshow of more than 15,000 images, streamThird Rock internet radio, or view NASA's Earth as Art galleries. When you finally feel the need to actually get outside and look up at the sky yourself, the app will also help you find the next opportunity to view the ISS as it passes over your location.
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