Mon Jul 22 (Hour 3) - Natasha Helvin - The World of Conjuring

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What’s different about real witches versus the cartoon sterotypes imagined by popular culture? Those depictions make a mockery and exaggeration of the goals and practices of real witches. It is human nature to over-dramatize and villainize what we fear and misunderstand. As individuals, most of us are rational and open-minded, but as groups, as ideologues, we become the mob of distrust and judgment. Tonight Natasha will disentangle the web of supposedly unachievable feats and simplify the needlessly complicated fallacies about witchcraft and the occult arts. Natasha Helvin is a writer, spiritualist, hereditary witch, and priestess in the traditional Caribbean religion as well as an avid scholar of tradition / religion and simply woodland creature who feeds on folklore and magic!

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