Nazca “alien mummy” revealed in [Video] featuring serial hoaxer

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You know, our catchphrase used to be “people really believe this stuff” and I’m always amazed at how many times one individual can be caught promoting outrageous hoaxes and still keep on doing it with many falling his absurd claims over and over again. They so wish to believe that there was alien (non-human) influence in Latin American history. It’s just bizarre. The latest is an incredibly fake-looking “alien mummy” said to have been found in Peru. The find was announced by who promote alternative history and metaphysics who describe themselves as “a community of seekers, empowering one another on the path to a conscious life. Together, we can awaken the evolution of consciousness.” The “mummy” has the proportions of a human – two arms, two legs – with various strange features including an elongated head with three-fingers on both hands and feet. The body is covered in a white “dust” that the investigators say dried the body but to the more down-to-earth observers, looks like plaster. Gaia released a video featuring “scientists” examining the body with a camera crew. This is the only documentation of the body. The crew includes infamous UFO promoter Jaime Maussan who, without confirmation of this being real or not (and, let’s face it, he is SO EASILY duped), called it “one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century.” Maussan, who is labeled as a “well-respected” journalist has lost all his credibility over his years of promoting ridiculous hoaxes as genuine. Red flags for this discovery include: -Maussan being involved -the obvious plaster appearance of the mummy -the reveal by Special Report “Unearthing Nazca” by Gaia with no sign of reputable scientific expertise -a closed team of researchers with alternative views that go against the scientific mainstream -no scientific results confirmed or retested because it has not been made available to anyone else -no documentation of location, context, discovery and no professional writeup in a scientific journal -promotion of it being a fantastic discovery that will “change everything” -not published in a scientific publication

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