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Fri Aug 16 (Hour 2-3) Dr. Neil Dagnall and Dr. Kenneth Drinkwater - Mind Games: Conspiracy Theory

Dr. Neil Dagnall and Dr. Ken Drinkwater return and join us from the UK to talk about their academic research into Conspiracy Theories and the science behind the Mandela Effect. Website: Dr Ken Drinkwater Neil: Dr. Neil Dagnall, PhD, is an associate professor in Applied Cognitive Psychology at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Neil heads the Applied Cognitive Psychology & Performance Research Group. He founded the Parapsychological Research Group, which he currently co-leads with Dr Kenneth Drinkwater, in 2003. Neil’s academic interest in parapsychology dates back to 2001 when he inherited a final year undergraduate course on the topic. The course in various forms has run ever since and attracts around 100 students per year. Additionally, Neil works closely with Dr Andrew Denovan on projects around the broad topics of individual differences, personality and statistical analysis, and with Andrew Parker, who a world-leading researcher in the field of memory (i.e., effects of saccadic bilateral eye movements on recall). Ken: Dr. Ken Drinkwater, is a parapsychologist whose interests include anomalous beliefs, conspiracy theory and both cognitive and neuropsychological factors. Ken is co-founder of the Parapsychological Research Group (with Dr Neil Dagnall) and leads the paranormal/anomalous third year module/unit on the undergraduate degree at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

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