Nessie is Back! New Sighting is First in Nine Months

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The cryptozoology world has been scrambling for explanations after Nessie seemingly vanished over the last year. Nessie’s official record keeper, Gary Campbell, announced the elusive creature was officially missing after the ‘monster’ of Loch Ness wasn’t seen in nearly nine months. Now, the strange saga of Nessie’s disappearance might have come to an end, according to Campbell. On May 1st, 2017, Campbell recorded the first sighting of Nessie since August 2016. “Nessie” was seen by Manchester resident Hayley Johnson, who spotted an odd form rising from the water of Urquhart Bay near Inverness, Scotland. Johnson managed to snap a photograph of the blurry, distant form before it receded into the cold, dark waters of Loch Ness.

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