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Nevada Has a New Travel Guide Especially for Extraterrestrials

The official Nevada state motto is “All for Our Country” and the state also has a variety of official and unofficial state slogans and nicknames, including “Battle Born,” “The Silver State,” “Home Means Nevada” (license plate slogan), “Wide Open” and “Nevada: Come Happy, Leave Broke.” While all of those appeal in some way to humans, which one would be best for convincing extraterrestrials to visit (or revisit?) Nevada? Or should it try a new one designed specifically for space aliens? Battle Born But We’ll Cease Fire While You’re Here? The Silver Parts for Your Spaceship State? ET Phoned Home and Nevada Answered? Come Happy, Leave Us Alone? As part of a program to help the government find them, Travelnevada.com, a website managed by the Nevada Commission on Tourism, has published a travel itinerary it believes will appeal to ETs. As one might expect, it hits the hot spots of UFO and alien activity that appeal to humans as well, so the visitors should be ready to interact with them, especially if they decide to stay at a Bed (or whatever it is they sleep on) & Breakfast (or whatever it is they eat). The guide begins the recommended trip in Las Vegas, which may be a mistake if the ETs lose all of their money on the first day and have nothing left for souvenirs. Then again, if they’re smart enough to get here, they’ve probably figured out how to beat the Vegas machines and will simply make enough to pay for the trip before moving on to … Valley of Fire State Park, a red sandstone used to shoot scenes from “Star Trek: Generations.” Then it’s on to the Extraterrestrial Highway (no speeding on Nevada State Route 375 – being an actual ET won’t sway the trooper) and a stop at the Alien Research Center (no giggling) before heading to the place everyone visiting the area stops at...

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