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New Jersey man says he lost his virginity to an alien

A New Jersey man went on the British show “This Morning” to talk about the time his virginity was abducted by an alien temptress he named Crescent who, incidentally, had a “very nice body.” David Huggins, 74, began by spinning a yarn for hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about the halcyon days, when he was just a normal 8-year-old kid playing at the base of tree behind a barn on his family’s farm and first came into contact with an alien. “I heard someone say, ‘David, behind you,'” he said, remembering his encounter with a “little hairy guy” who had glowing eyes. Huggins said that he’s been seeing aliens from time to time ever since. The show hosts were particularly interested in the story of how Huggins lost his virginity at the age of 17 in the Georgia woods. He laughed and said that the affair really took place. “I think she wears a wig, but I’m not really sure. She has black hair, large black eyes, a very pale face,” he described Crescent’s features. “The body looks quite human, and I think she has rather long fingernails.” “Why do think an alien would wear a wig?” Schofield asked. “I think for aesthetic reasons,” Huggins replied. Huggins, a deli employee in Hoboken and a painter, said that he was informed by aliens he had fathered hundreds of alien babies, and so he reproduced this revelation in his art.

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