Wed Jan 30 - Dr. Nick Begich - Altered States: Telepathy, The Brain & Mind Control

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Dr. Nick Begich will discuss the current privacy issues including social media and the manipulation of the public. Dr. Nick Begich is well known for his work and research on HAARP and Mind Effects. He has widely reported in these areas as an expert for many publications, government organizations, and private companies. He has been an expert witness for the European Parliament on these subjects and provides significant research contributions in this area. Also, through the Lay Institute on Technologies he organized a private meeting of top scientists in the area of mind effects in 2007. Dr. Begich has authored five books in seven languages on technology and the impacts of change. Heard on thousands of radio and television talk shows as well as documentaries, he is a frequent commentator on new technologies, energy, politics, education, and the environment.

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