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Nick Pope, Former British Defense UFO expert: 'There's no plan if aliens invade'

With the discovery of seven new exoplanets orbiting around their own star, it’s looking a tiny bit more likely that aliens are going to visit Earth at some point. At least, that’s according to Nick Pope – who was in charge of the government’s UFO Project between 1991 and 1994. Pope is one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs, conspiracy theories and the unexplained. As part of a lengthy career in the Ministry of Defence, he spent four years heading up the government’s UFO department, preparing for a possible invasion – or friendly visit – from our celestial neighbours. So, after all that time, what is the government’s plan? ‘There’s no plan.’ …Oh. ‘There’s no contingency plan as far as I’m aware,’ he told Metro.co.uk. ‘The government’s answer would be that, “We regard this as an incredibly small possibility”. ‘But I would say, why not have a plan if there’s even the smallest possibility of it happening.’

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