Tue July 10 - Nik Hayes - Quest for the Invisibles

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Hayes is one of the first researchers to break through into another reality using infrared photography to give us a glimpse of the strange creatures and objects that seem to live there, otherwise unseen by the human eye. BIO: Nik Hayes is an author and photographer from Oxford, UK, who has spent much of the last eight years photographing and filming in the infrared and ultraviolet parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, documenting the strange invisible life-forms, craft-like objects and other phenomena, that appear to be existing just beyond the range of normal human sight. In September 2016, his first book Quest for the Invisibles, was published by The BookTree, San Diego, USA, and this covers the first five years of his work, and contains dozens of photographs and video stills, captured at his research area in Oxford. In mid 2017 he launched the Quest for the Invisibles website, as a platform to present new photographic evidence, and more of this can be seen on the Quest for the Invisible You Tube channel. Nik continues on with his photographic work, as well as doing occasional talks and radio show appearances. www.questfortheinvisibles.co.uk Exhibits for Tonight:

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