North Korean hackers target US military contractors

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Hackers linked to North Korea are targeting U.S. military contractors, including those interested in the missile defense system protecting South Korea, according to a Monday report from Palo Alto Networks. The announcement comes as President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un trade threats over North Korea's nuclear program. Palo Alto has observed hackers using the same infrastructure and tools as earlier attacks from the Lazarus Group, which is believed to be sponsored by North Korea, through July. North Korea's two most recent missile tests were held on July 4 and July 28. Lazarus is best known in the United States as the group that hacked Sony Pictures in an apparent response to the film "The Interview," which depicted Kim's assassination. The group sent malware-laced files to employees of U.S. contractors, according to the report, that were designed to look like job ads. One of them was for a management position concerning the terminal high altitude area defense missile system, the same system the U.S. is working to erect in South Korea to shoot down potential missile attacks. North Korea's July 28 missile test demonstrated that Pyongyang now has missiles hypothetically powerful enough to reach the western United States, although it is unclear if those missiles can survive the journey. Read More: TheHill

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