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It's not in your head: The weather is weirder, and climate change is the reason why

If it seems like you’re reading about devastating floods, droughts, and storms way more often than you used to, it’s because these extreme events are actually happening more frequently. But this should come as no surprise. Climate scientists predicted that this would happen as more greenhouse gases accumulated in Earth’s atmosphere. Certain extreme weather events have long been anticipated, just like the pronounced warming in the Arctic. “Climate models have predicted amplified warming at high latitudes and increasing intensity of precipitation and flooding,” says Ken Davis, who studies Earth’s weather and atmosphere at Penn State University. In fact, says Davis, these extreme events have been predicted for decades. The United States, in particular, has recently experienced superlatively intense rainfall. The reason is simple: Higher temperatures mean that more water evaporates into the atmosphere, resulting in more rain. Read More: Popular Science

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