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Note From Art: Please Stop

You all will never know how much I feel for you for what you are doing in trying to support me but I am going to ask you to stop. This will only make matters worse.

Here is the bottom line, this is a job I took only because of my love of Radio, not for the money, heck 75K is not ever going to make me rich and if Sirius does not want me they sure will not take me because their Web Site is messed up, it will most likely just piss them off. That does not change the love I feel for all of you for trying.

I still feel I was right in my decision to halt what I felt had no real way forward and would make the same decision again today, I only took that decision after receiving a no to any further remedy.

Truly I do not understand why they would say no to me wanting a way to stream, then turn around and replace me with Coast which is doing exactly what I wanted to do, maybe they were just pissed. Either way thank you for what you are trying to to, I love you all, but please stop.


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