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Nurse with Ebola is "scared for those who will follow me"

A nurse who is quarantined in a Newark hospital after arriving from West Africa where she treated Ebola patients, said that she is “scared for those who will follow me,” and that the United States must treat returning health-care workers better. The governors of New York, New Jersey and Illinois on Friday ordered that health-care workers returning from Ebola stricken countries in West Africa must be quarantined for 21 days. The measures were put into place after a doctor returned from West Africa was confirmed to have the deadly virus. In a letter published in the Dallas Morning News, Kaci Hickox, who has tested negative for Ebola, detailed her treatment at the airport and then a hospital after she returned from Sierra Leone. She writes of long delays and a situation where “no one seemed to be in charge.” “I am scared about how health care workers will be treated at airports when they declare that they have been fighting Ebola in West Africa,” Hickox wrote. “I am scared that, like me, they will arrive and see a frenzy of disorganization, fear and, most frightening, quarantine.” More via The Washington Post.

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