Oak Grove Cemetery

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I took this about six years ago at a place called Oak Grove Cemetery in Knights Ferry, California. (NOTE: I advise you to use your zoom option on here)

A friend and I had gone ghost hunting here a few times at night, and I decided to see what the place looked like during the day. Oak Grove is located in a small (past) mining town, in the middle of no where really. A lot of its occupants are past miners who passed away in accidents, and also quite a few children. It really is quite a creepy location, especially when your there at night.. knowing there's nothing for miles and miles around. Unfortunately, the current owners don't allow any paranormal investigations on the property.

On this particular day, I had been hiking with my dog up in knights ferry and decided to make the trip out to Oak Grove to look around in the day time. I had my cannon camera in the car and decided to get some shots of the place while I was there.

After arriving home I uploaded them to my laptop and came across this picture. I was so intrigued with what I was seeing I got in my car first thing in the morning, drove back to the cemetery and checked the exact spot where I saw the white mass in the photo. There was nothing there, except that 5 foot tall grave stone you see to the right of the ghostly image. There was absolutely nothing that could cause any kind of reflection, and I was the only person there. If you zoom in on it, you can definitely see a human form, facial features even. Its almost like its morphing itself.. coming out of the ground..

This photo has in no way been Photoshopped, or altered in any way. If it didn't have such a humanized form, I'd think it was some kind of camera glitch. I'd taken hundreds of photos at this location with the same camera..and never seen anything like it.

Hope everyone enjoys this! Nice to finally share it with people who can appreciate it :)


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