Obama's head on Mars?

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UFO enthusiasts claim to have spotted Barack Obama's head on the Martian surface. They says a panoramic image from 2005 taken by the Spirit rover shows a rock shaped uncannily like the President's head - and that it could be part of a statue. It is the latest in a long line of claims of heads and other structures on the thousands of images sent back from the Martian surface by Nasa's rovers. 'Searching for structures on Mars I found this head,' said Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily blog. 'From the way its standing up I would say that it is a full statue, but is buried from the shoulders down. ' He believes the structure in 3D printed. However, another UFO enthusiast, writing on UFO Sightings Hotspot, altered the image on a computer and found Obama's head was revealed. 'By cleaning the image in a software program, I discovered that this relic has an uncanny resemblance to the United States president, Barack Obama.' The original image is taken from the Spirit Rover's Pancam 'Everest' panorama, acquired on sols 620 to 622 (October 1 to 3, 2005) from a position in the Columbia Hills at the true summit of Husband Hill on the Martian surface. via Daily Mail Online.

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