Ocean waves now threaten NASA's vital Florida launch pads

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NASA is dealing with a long-range problem at the Kennedy Space Center. After Friday's successful test of the Orion spacecraft, the space agency could face challenges to future space launches. Orion's next flight in a couple of years will begin just north of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The Apollo moon missions began there, and there were 135 shuttle launches, but climate change now threatens the vital launch pads, CBS News' Vicente Arenas reports. From the moonshot to the space shuttle, launch pads 39A and 39B have been the starting point for American-manned spaceflight. The Atlantic Ocean has served as a safety barrier, but now it's threatening launch infrastructure. Since 2003, nearly 100 feet of beach next to the launch pads have been lost. "That big concrete block used to actually be sitting on top of the sand," said Nancy Bray, director of operations at the Kennedy Space Center. "That's how much erosion we've had over the years." As Bray pointed out, the edge of the beach now is only about 200 yards from the launch pad. via CBS News.

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