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Old Abandoned Hospital Light

Hello there Art! the original photo that I took at an abandoned old hospital. If you look at the image, right in the doorway across that hallway there is obviously some sort of odd flash. Many of the people that I have shown this photo have all tried to debunk it saying "It's a reflection on the glass". If you look closely at the photo, right in the middle there is no reflection of my phone's lens, or of the palm of my hand, that is because there is no glass in that specific spot. When I took this photo I made sure to make it so the center of my lens was aimed down the center of the the broken window without the possibility of there being a reflection. Right in the middle of that doorway there is obviously some sort of light, upon further inspection that I have done I can make out at least two figures, one of which is the streak of light, and another that almost looks like the profile of a face on the left side of the doorway looking to the right. That could be the low quality of the image creating something, but the light, in my opinion, is not something that should be there. This is just a side note, but once my two friends and I were inside of the building, it was one of the most uncomfortable places I had been in my life. It was not a particularly cold day, and yet I could not stop shivering, and the friends that were with me also reported feeling the same discomfort(also shivering, and an overall feeling of not wanting to be there). That day was an odd day, and I hope you at least find these photographs interesting. Thank you for your time, Roswells! -Zac

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