Oneida Lake UFO Incident from 1997

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Mr. Bell As an avid listener of your show, I have always been compelled to call in but I can never get through. I would like to share with you a story of a UFO that myself and 100's of others witnessed in May of 1997 over Oneida Lake NY. The event if you can imagine was an almost carbon copy of the Phoenix lights seen in AZ. a few months back, in fact one of the formations was identical to what was seen in Phoenix AZ. We witnessed lights following the same type of formation as the Phoenix lights forming different patterns in the night sky, any where from 3 lights up to 12 and it took place over the course of 2 nights. My family and I video taped over 3 hours of footage, which was featured on a local news report, researchers tried to get the tape on the show Fox's Greatest Ufo's ever recorded produced by Kiviat studios, MUFON did an extensive report which I have attached, I also will put links to the videos and news cast below that are now uploaded to Youtube. The lights were actually so bright that people in Ogdensburg NY ( 3 hours away) witnessed the event.. that's an extremely bright light!!!!! A quick excerpt from the original MUFON report shows how amazed the MUFON reporters were: "What they videotaped to the “Phoenix formations” (they viewed it on the internet) and when a copy of their tape was sent to a veteran UFO investigator Bill Hamilton and Tom King in Phoenix, they were astounded at the quality and duration of the Granoski sightings. The signature formation (ed. About 7 lights in a row) from the Granoski tape matches almost exactly the “signature formation from Phoenix and has astounded all parties who have studied it (including former NASA scientist Richard Hoagland) with its similarity. Veteran investigator Tom King even suggested that the tape was so good that he brought it to the attention of Robert Kiviat Productions." YouTube Links: Original Video News Broadcast (Shown Above) Roundtable Discussion After the event, a black helicopter was seen by over 6 people flying up and down the area over houses, it had no marking, a large disk like device on the bottom of it and black tinted windows, and when it flew over the houses it caused electronics in the house to go crazy. A call to local military / airbases claimed --- you guessed it --- that no helicopters were in the area, especially ones without markings and all black, it was estimated that the helicopter was about 200 feet about the tree line. About a week after the tape got out and news reports hit, I had an extremely odd experience in my home, where I awoke to a gentleman standing next to the bed. I estimated him to be about 6 1/2 foot tall, wearing a top hat looking hat, black and white striped dress shirt and black pants ---he was saying you know what I want, you know what I want... when I asked what he was talking about he said the tape... during this whole encounter I felt very calm almost sedated and had no fear, when he heard our dog stir down the hall he immediately ran out of the house, I gave chase and when I reached the door, I felt like I had snapped out of a trance like state and was not sure if what i encountered was real or not. Eventually that summer I became extremely ill... no diagnosis could be confirmed for what I had, I began to get jaundice and weak, sharp pains in my side and doctors were baffled by what was effecting me. After a week of blood work the doctor was considering admitting me to the hospital for further testing... I was taking a shower (I was about 20 yrs old at the time) getting ready to go to the hospital and when I got out of the shower, in the mirror of my bathroom, if you can imagine a steamed up mirror was a perfectly un-steamed 1/2 face of a grey alien, the rest of the mirror was foggy, I ran out of the bathroom, my windows were opened and the blinds were slamming back and forth and remember collapsing, I then later got up got ready, completely shaken by the event and my mom drove me to the hospital, where the doctors said my jaundice had cleared, blood levels had returned and I was 100% better for what they could see... sent me home and never had any more problems. My dad after the viewing of the UFOs also had loud humming noises emitting from his ears and a weird vibration sensation take over his body numerous occasions after the event happened. The reason I am contacting you about this is that, with recent sightings in my area and across the country I want to get my video out there, it was amazing enough in 1997 to be considered the Phoenix Lights of the East Coast and I want to share the story with others and see if there are others out there with similar sightings or experiences, and I want to reopen the case and try to get to the bottom of the lights in which i saw back in 1997. Especially with technologies advances today I think that answers are very close, I was hoping that you could view the videos and let me know what you think. Maybe some of the people Richard Hoagland, Tom King and Bill Hamilton remember the case and could shed some new light on this, my friends and I are making an independent film/documentary loosely based on this event, hopefully to get more media attention on the UFO phenomena and what happened in upstate NY that night and nights to follow. I hear people on your show a lot with similar cases and I hope that maybe you could help me at least get it back into the media spotlight or into the right hands of someone who can, a friend of mine Aaron Sagers (Travel Channel, Paranormal Popculture) told me I should contact you and see what your thoughts were, and if you could help. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hopefully hearing from you... If you ever have any of those guests on or Phoenix Lights experts/guests on I would love to talk to them or at least get contact information so i could share my story and tape with them! Sincerely Chad Granoski MUFON Report Link:

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