Only Peru can save us from UFO terror

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Sooner or later, aliens will stop probing hillbillies and assemble their interstellar warships for a full-scale invasion of earth. You and I know it, the producers of Independence Day know it... so why don't our governments? Worryingly, our national governments — including those in the U.S., UK, Russia, and even Iran — are foolishly choosing to ignore the imminent alien threat. Only one country stands prepared for the coming battle to save earth. Step forward, Peru. The Peruvian Air Force, known as FAP (no, really), has reopened its UFO department to investigate "increased sightings that are occurring in the country and that people are reporting to media," says Colonel Julio Vucetich. This makes it perhaps the only country in the world taking UFO reports seriously and gearing up for war with ET. So who are FAP, and how are they equipping themselves? Unfortunately, the Peruvian Air Force is tiny compared to the U.S., boasting just 28 fighter aircrafts. And the pilots are... well, Tom Cruise they ain't. Here's how other world powers have failed to keep up their defenses. Read here... The Week.

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