Optical Zoom Time-Lapse Journey to the Orion Nebula (How to)

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When physics professor and amateur photographer Isidro Villo says he’s taking you on a time-lapse journey to the Orion Nebula, he means it quite literally. He doesn’t just track Orion across the sky or create yet another Milky Way time-lapse, he literally zooms from ground level all the way in until M42 takes up the entire frame. Villo has spent two years on this project, getting the gear ready to capture what he calls ‘deep space time-lapses.’ But even though it took a long time to come together, in astrophotography terms, he’s managed to get away with a relatively inexpensive rig. All he’s using is a Canon 5D Mark II, an XSi, a Sigma 50-500mm, a 2x Canon teleconverter and a Meade LX80 mount to track the stars. More at Peta Pixel

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