Is the Ouija board a simple toy or tool for terror

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In 1986, I went with a group of friends to the local movie theater to see a horror flick called "Witch Board." With '80s icons like Tawny Kitaen and Stephen Nichols in lead roles, and a good scare guaranteed, how could I not. Little did I know, that movie would awaken a fear in me that would intensify over the years and lead me to look into the reality of Ouija boards. I can't speak first-hand because I refuse to go near one, but Hollywood has once again brought that piece of wood emblazoned with numbers and letters to the big screen. Called simply "Ouija," this new version of the horrors of the spirit board hits theaters around Halloween. In honor of this new movie that will just add to my fear of the board, I went Googling to see what I could find out about the history of the Ouija. According to, the first mention of the Ouija board came in 1891 when a Pittsburgh newspaper began advertising a "wonderful talking board." The website says a toy and novelty shop was advertising the Ouija board, describing it as a "magical device that answered questions about the past, present and future with marvelous accuracy." But what is a Ouija board, really? Did it really materialize in a toy store? Read more via

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